Dave Grohl's Super Bowl commercial is a thank-you note to all things Canadian (VIDEO)

Feb 14 2023, 3:42 pm

Viewers got an unexpected history lesson during the Super Bowl this past weekend.

In a minute-long commercial for Canadian whisky Crown Royal, American musician Dave Grohl lists out all the amazing things that the world owes to the Great White North.

Shot in a recording studio, the Foo Fighters singer and guitarist starts off, of course, with some of the most famous Canadian musicians and comedians.

“Today, let’s thank Canada. Thank you for legends of music (Rush, Joni Mitchell, Oscar Peterson, Celine Dion) and heroes of comedy (Eugene Levy, Catherine O’Hara, Martin Short, Seth Rogen),” said Grohl. “Thank you for this heartthrob (Michael Cera).”

He then goes on to thank Canada for a great many things: peanut butter, the paint roller, and poutine.

“That’s french fries with cheese and gravy,” he explained. “It’s good.”

And, of course, the Super Bowl wouldn’t even exist had it not been invented in Montreal in 1875.

Watch the video below:

Other Canadian inventions that Grohl’s grateful for include walkie-talkies, the battery, the egg carton, the ironing board, the electric wheelchair, the rather divisive Hawaiian pizza, the instant potato, canola oil, trash bags, and the whoopee cushion.

One viewer was clearly so moved by the Crown Royal commercial that they wrote, “Didn’t drink it before but will now.”

“I’m glad they chose to show real poutine with curdled cheese instead of the grated cheese one,” stated one eagle-eyed commenter. “You did good.”

Someone pointed out that the ad missed some major Canadian inventions. “You forgot insulin and the telephone, but I can forgive this because Dave Grohl is an absolute legend, and this is still by far the most recognition we’ve ever been given by an American celebrity.”

Another simply stated, “You’re welcome Dave Grohl 🇨🇦😎.”

What did you think of the commercial? Let us know in the comments.

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