Strike ends for 120,000 federal workers as PSAC reaches tentative agreement

May 1 2023, 1:52 pm

On Monday, the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) announced that it had reached a tentative agreement for four Treasury Board bargaining groups comprising 120,000 workers.

“Members in the PA, SV, TC and EB bargaining groups are required to return to work for their next scheduled shift, beginning May 1 at 9 am ET,” the union notified on Twitter.

The agreement guarantees wage increases totalling 12.6% compounded over the life of the deal from 2021-2024, but another fourth year protects workers from inflation.

Plus, there’s a “pensionable $2,500 one-time lump sum payment that represents an additional 3.7% of the salary for the average PSAC member in Treasury Board bargaining units.”

PSAC says it has also negotiated language in a letter of agreement that requires managers to assess remote work requests individually (not by group) and submit written responses to allow members and PSAC to hold the employer accountable to “equitable and fair decision-making on remote work.”

“During a period of record-high inflation and soaring corporate profits, workers were told to accept less – but our members came together and fought for better,” said PSAC President Chris Aylward. “This agreement delivers important gains for our members that will set the bar for all workers in Canada.”

The national strike will continue for 35,000 Canada Revenue Agency workers over three highly disputed issues — telework, job security, and fair wages.

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