Life in plastic: “Barbie” star Simu Liu now has his own Ken doll and fans are split (PHOTOS)

Jun 1 2023, 6:09 pm

Barbie star Simu Liu can now say he’s officially experienced “life in plastic” with his new Ken doll.

On Thursday, toy company Mattel revealed its new collection of dolls inspired by the highly anticipated film starring Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, and Liu.

One of the dolls is of the Chinese Canadian actor’s portrayal of his Ken wearing a gold and white disco tracksuit.

Liu shared images of the doll on his Instagram with the simple caption, “Woah.”


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You can see Liu looking lovingly at his Ken doll and other close-ups of it posing in front of the Barbie dream house.

The Shang-Chi star’s comments were quickly flooded with reactions, and fans seemed to be divided on the look of the doll.

While Liu’s isn’t the first Asian Ken doll (apparently, that title is held by Samurai Ken, which was released in 2010), many expressed how proud they were of the progress in Asian representation in the toy world.

“10 years ago would you ever have thought that you’d be a Ken doll?! 🤌🏼 #representationmatters,” commented one fan on his post.

“Bro what a W for the culture 😭” added another.

“You know You have made it when You have Your own Barbie. So Happy for You !!!” wrote one excited fan.



Many were also delighted to see that Mattel included Liu’s freckles.

“AND OMG DA FRECKLES THAT’S SOOO CUTE 😍🫠 hopefully this will start a trend with more Asian features dolls 🥰 we need more of them ESPECIALLY THE MALE KIND 😍” commented one person.

“Does your Ken seriously have freckles omg how adorable! 😍” added another.

Others felt a little more iffy about the doll’s semblance to Liu.

“I love the moment and what this means but who the F did they model this on??!! Zero resemblance 😂” commented one person.

“No offense but it doesn’t look like u 😂” added another.

Another person said the doll didn’t do his “real coif” justice.

Other stars included in the Barbie movie collection include Gosling in a matching striped beach set, Robbie in the soon-to-be iconic western outfit, and Issa Rae’s president Barbie.

What do you think of Liu’s Ken doll?

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