Russia warns citizens against travelling to Canada due to "discrimination"

Apr 24 2023, 9:09 pm

Russia’s foreign ministry is advising its citizens against travelling to Canada. The reason: Russians in Canada have faced discrimination and physical violence, according to a statement.

Reuters reports that the foreign ministry issued a travel advisory dated April 20 on its main Telegram channel.

The foreign ministry states, “Due to the numerous instances of discrimination against Russian citizens… in Canada, including physical violence, we recommend you refrain from travelling to this country for the purposes of tourism, education, and in the context of business relations.”

Russians already in Canada are urged to stay vigilant, especially in public places.

March 6, 2022: The City of Ottawa decided to hang a Free Ukraine street sign in front of the Russian Embassy to protest Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine (Paul McKinnon/Shutterstock)

The Canadian government also has a travel advisory in place asking Canadians to “avoid all travel to Russia due to the impacts of the armed conflict with Ukraine.”

Canadians already in Russia are urged to leave or maintain a low profile. It also warns that Canadians with Russian citizenship could be “subjected to a call-up for mandatory military service.”

Canada has been public about its support of Ukraine, and in retaliation, the Russian foreign ministry announced in April that it has imposed sanctions on 333 Canadians. Those on the list include officials, public figures, and athletes.

“This measure is designed to encourage those on the blocklist to change their behaviour,” read the statement.

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