"Skin and bones": Emaciated puppies found abandoned in a box off a highway in Manitoba

Mar 28 2023, 3:51 pm

A dog rescue in Manitoba says it was shocked after taking in a group of emaciated puppies that were abandoned off a highway just outside of Winnipeg.

Manitoba Underdogs Rescue Inc. posted to its Facebook page stating “our team was shocked when we received this intake request,” after a good Samaritan found four emaciated, freezing and dirty puppies in a box on the side of a highway just south of Winnipeg.

“The puppies are skin and bones, and covered in fleas. They’re dirty. Their temperatures were so cold from being left out on the side of the highway that the clinic staff had to wait until they warmed up to safely allow them to eat.”

“This deliberate act of abandonment is difficult to comprehend. There are so many options instead of dumping helpless puppies in poor condition,” the dog rescue went on to say.

Manitoba Underdogs Rescue added that it was in deep need of donations due to the conditions of the dogs, advising people that if they wished to make a donation they could do so by:

  • Through CanadaHelps on its website
  • e-Transfer to [email protected] (when doing so, email the dog rescue the password and your contact information)
  • Cheque made payable to Manitoba Underdogs Rescue to 23-845 Dakota Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R2M 5M3

An update was later provided regarding the pups, with the dog rescue adding that they are now named Artichoke, Fennel, Parsnip and Turnip.

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