“I started laughing uncontrollably”: Couple shocked by SECOND lottery win

Jan 11 2023, 9:00 am

One extremely lucky couple from Ontario has several reasons to celebrate after winning the lottery for the second time.

Back in November 2022, Courtice residents Robert and Amanda-Anne Duchene were thrilled to discover that they had won $500,000 in the Instant High Roller Casino.

“I couldn’t believe it,” recalled Robert at the time while picking up their cheque at the OLG Prize Centre last year. “I called my wife right away and asked her if I was in a dream.”

Amanda-Anne Duchene after the couple won in November 2022/OLG

The parents of five children said that the half-million dollar win will allow them to spend more time with their kids.

“I’m looking forward to being able to spend more time with my family,” said Amanda.

But the couple were stunned when they found themselves at the prize centre yet again after winning the lottery for the second time.

Robert (Rob) and Amanda-Anne Duchene/OLG

This time, the Duchenes won the Instant Jackpot worth $250,000.

It was Robert who discovered their second win.

“When I played this ticket in the store and saw I won again, I started laughing uncontrollably,” he recalled. “I was so shocked.”

An equally stunned Amanda said she refused to believe her husband.

“I didn’t believe him until he showed me the ticket,” she recalled, while at the prize centre to pick up their second cheque. “It was even more unbelievable than the first time.”

The couple said that both wins have taught them the value of money.

“I’m still waiting for the first win to sink in,” said Robert. “I want to make these wins last as long as possible.”

For the couple, their total winnings of $750,000 mean a more financially secure future.

“They are the best way to ensure a good future for our family,” said Amanda.

Robert purchased the winning ticket at Clarington Convenience on Highway 2 in Courtice.

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