“It’s just for fun": Lottery winner can't believe his luck

Jan 10 2023, 9:00 am

For most lottery players, buying a ticket is just something to do for fun. Who hasn’t imagined what they’d do if they win big? So when one Ontario man found out that he had won, he was understandably shocked.

Rigoberto Antonio Mora Gutierrez, 62, is a Newmarket resident who said that he plays the lottery every week.

Despite his weekly purchase, he admits that he never really expected to win anything.

“I thought, if it happens, great,” he said. “If not – it’s just for fun.”

So, as part of his weekly routine, he went to Esso on Steeles Avenue in Etobicoke to buy a ticket for the November 18 Lotto Max draw.

But when he scanned his ticket, the result was definitely not what he was expecting.

“When I checked my ticket at the gas station, I knew it was a big win, but it caught me by surprise,” he said.

Rigoberto Antonio Mora Gutierrez/OLG

After matching six of the last seven Encore numbers in exact order, Gutierrez won $100,000.

It seems like he plans to savour the moment, which he describes as a one-in-a-million win.

As for what he intends to do with his winnings, the financially smart winner said, “I’m going to find something to invest in.”

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