"I was drunk last night": Former lovers end up in court in toxic rental dispute

May 23 2023, 5:30 pm

A wild rental dispute between two former lovers includes details that would best be featured on a daytime talk show, not the BC tribunal, where it ended up.

CF rented a room from MP’s house and claimed that MP became violent and abusive toward her, forcing her to move out of her home for her safety without bringing her belongings.

She asked the tribunal to have her belongings returned and $5,000 for her losses, including her security and pet damage deposit.

A legal representative spoke on CF’s behalf, and MP represented himself.

It’s undisputed that CF and MP were formerly in a romantic relationship. CF started renting a room on June 1, 2020. She paid $425 as a security deposit and $150 as a pet damage deposit.

Regarding those deposits, MP claimed she wasn’t entitled because cats destroyed his carpet, and CF didn’t clean her room when moving out. However, MP wasn’t able to prove these claims.

CF said she moved out suddenly for her safety, but because of that, she left many of her belongings.

MP denied being abusive or violent towards CF. However, he said that after CF moved out, he put all her belongings in a boat outside of his house and that CF retrieved most of her things. The remaining items, which he claims were left in the boat for over a month, were thrown out.

She said that MP sent conflicting messages about her belongings and had proof.

In one email from December 2020, MP said, “I put your stuff in the boat when I was drunk last night and I see it’s gone today.”

MP said two days later that he had moved her belongings to a dumpster. MP said two days later, “You know I wouldn’t touch any of your things… I say things to make you mad so that I get your attention.”

And two days after that, he said, “I have all your clothes here, baby. I would never throw your sh*t away. I said that to get your attention.”

At one point, CF returned to the home with a police escort to get her belongings but couldn’t find them.

Ultimately, the judge sided with CF on most of her claims. The tribunal member overseeing the case offered a solution for CF to get her belongings and ordered MP to pay her $1,109.22.

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