Sizzling and searing: Canada's summer forecast is out and it's HOT

Mar 9 2023, 4:43 pm

A sizzling hot summer is headed for most of Canada according to an extended weather forecast by the Farmers’ Almanac.

June 21 will officially mark the first day of summer in Canada. It will be the start of a “warmer-than-normal” summer for most of the country.

“Our official forecast calls for much warmer than normal conditions for most of the nation,” said the Farmers’ Almanac, warning of temperatures at times that will soar past 32°C, in some cases even approaching 37°C.

Factor in the oppressive humidity and heat indices (“feels like” temps) could approach 40°C in some areas, according to the forecast.

BC is set to see seasonal temperatures while Alberta and the other prairie provinces will see “broiling” temperatures.

Ontario can expect warm-to-hot temperatures, while Quebec joins Alberta in the heat, with the Farmers’ Almanac calling for “scorching” temperatures.

When it comes to precipitation, rainfall will be above normal over central Canada. Across a swath covering parts of the Rockies, Prairies, and Great Lakes, there will be occasional bouts of heavy precipitation, primarily from showery rains and big thunderstorms.

Elsewhere, over Quebec and parts of the Maritimes, the Farmers’ Almanac anticipates below-normal precipitation. Newfoundland and Labrador should experience a generally warm and dry summer.

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