"Glitch in the matrix": Bird "floating" mid-air prompts several questions (VIDEOS)

Feb 21 2023, 10:34 pm

A video of an apparent dead bird “floating” mid-air has many scratching their heads. 

The bird was spotted in Surrey, BC, near L.A. Matheson Secondary School. In one video shared on Twitter, one witness suggested there were “no strings, no nothing” that the bird could be hanging from. 

The person filming zoomed in closer to the bird and it’s hard to say what is holding the animal up. 

A TikTok user named Kristina shared a video from another angle. She said her daughter’s boyfriend recorded the bird “floating in the sky” while he was passing by the area. 

In the video she shared, he is heard saying he was not able to see wires or string. 

“That’s freaking weird, man,” he said. 

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A video of the strange bird has since been shared on several social media platforms, where many have taken to share their ideas of what is going on in the clips. 

Some people suggest it’s a balloon. 

“Calm down it’s just a hobbyist balloon,” Reddit user steppinonpissclams said. 

“I can see the crinkles in this balloon a mylar-way!” v0xf0x responded. 

Others suggested the bird is hanging on a fishing line. 

“I’ve seen it a couple times. Spend a lot of time fly fishing out west and people will constantly back cast into trees and bushes on accident and have no choice but to cut it off and leave it,” Reddit user Pyle_Plays explained. 

In response, user cheese_wallet said they’ve had to pick up after people that have left fishing lines out in the past adding, “I rescued a Great Blue Heron once that had some wrapped around one leg.”

“Unfortunately, he died a day after I dropped him off at a wildlife rescue. He was severely emaciated,” the Reddit user said. 

Twitter users even proposed the idea that the bird got stuck in a spider web. 

Of course, it wouldn’t be the internet without some wild ideas as well. 

The City of Surrey told Daily Hive it has not received any reports on this.

What do you think is going on here? Let us know in the comments.

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