This new streaming service let's you take professional yoga classes at home

Apr 8 2019, 4:32 pm

It’s 2019. The world is moving fast, and you’re moving faster. And while there’s pressure to always be grindin’, you also know the importance of taking care of yourself.

And now, YYOGA has just launched something to make self-care more accessible: YYOGA at Home — a subscription-based-at-home streaming service.

Which means that your yoga studio experience is about to land in your living room.

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Over a decade ago, YYOGA’s founding locations opened with the intention of offering an inclusive environment, the highest-quality of teachings, and an awesome schedule with plenty of variety.

Now, the mind-body-soul connection that YYOGA spaces encourage can be extended into your personal living space.

Which makes staying in even more sacred.


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“For the past 11 years, our mission has been to make yoga as accessible as possible for Canadians, with the highest quality teaching and offerings suitable for all levels,” said YYOGA president, Carey Dillen, in a press release.

“We’re excited to continue that journey with the launch of our on-demand, class streaming platform, YYOGA at Home, which will make it easier than ever before for our community to be connected to their practice, anywhere in the world.”

Whether you prefer full-body, sweaty classes or mindful meditations, you’re going to find what you’re looking for on this new service. The convenience of an on-the-go practice is mixed with refinement cues, to ensure you stay mindful of form.

With YYOGA at Home, subscribers will get:

  • Hours of beautiful, high-quality classes streamed anywhere through a chosen device.
  • An extensive library of signature styles and various class lengths to find the right fit for each yogi.
  • Everything from quick five-minute tutorials to sweaty and powerful 60-minute
  • The ability to personalize a yoga practice with expert instruction offered for all
    levels, including pre and postnatal options.


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And, just like your yoga practice, the subscription won’t be stagnant. You can look forward to the weekly release of new content.

There’s a special, limited time offer founders rate available as of today, and you can also enjoy a 14-day free trial. So, what are you waiting for?

You can (literally) roll off of your couch and onto your mat, starting now.

YYOGA at Home

Available online now

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