YYC District Guide: Everything to check out on 4th Street

Apr 29 2019, 10:50 am

4th Street, also known as Mission (encompassing Cliff Bungalow and the SE portion of the Beltline), is locally known as one street with a thousand avenues and an off-the-radar interactive art gallery — you may be familiar with the hard-to-miss Chippendale Bench, 3 Hanging Frogs, or the Starting Fourth.

Home to the Fourth Street Public Art Society, this street is lined with unique artistic elements that are conjured to both educate and entertain, all while adding a touch of whimsy into the mix.

Its appeal as a creative playground stems from its old-meets-new ambience and its international flair.

Founded in 1883, this neighbourhood actually predates YYC. It was originally founded as “Rouleauville” by French Catholic Missionaries and later coined “Mission” once it was annexed into Calgary in 1907.

To give a nod to its vivid past you’ll notice all of the original street signs are still in their place – we’ll point you towards Notre Dame Ave and Broadway or 17th Avenue and 4th Street, whichever you prefer.

Mission’s culinary sensibilities have insiders calling it “Little Tokyo,” with all of the Japanese inspired dining spots that have popped up in recent years. Mixed with variable award-winning cuisines and indulgent mannerisms this charming neighbourhood full of culture just waiting to be discovered.


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Home to Calgary’s iconic Lilac Festival and lined with quaint coffee shops, local boutiques, trendy beauty salons, and dingy iconic dive bars, the streets of Mission are filled with a mix of urban treasures and eclectic canvases. Check out our guide to this iconic YYC neighbourhood below!

To Play


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Mission is Calgary’s spot for all things fun and therefore, self-care! Find some of the city’s best beauty salons and relax from head-to-toe, or head to one of the many dive bars for a guaranteed fun night out with the locals. Whichever is your vice, 4th Street is the spot to pamper and play!

Lilac Fest

One of the most iconic festivals in all of Calgary, this lively affair takes over 4th for an entire day of delicious food, hard-to-beat local shopping, and live music that echoes throughout the city. Lilac Fest kicks off festival season in Calgary and they are celebrating their 30th anniversary – so an even better reason to experience the festivities!

Ducky’s Pub + Restaurant 

One of the best dive bars in Calgary — they have karaoke!

Where: 2100 4th Street SW


The Germans certainly know how to party. Enjoy a crisp beer and some schnitzel and see where the night takes you. Prost!

Where: 2437 4th Street SW

Loch Gallery

Much like Mission itself, this gallery is all about how the old intersects with the new. Enjoy an afternoon perusing through the many historical and contemporary artwork from Europe and Canada that fills the walls of this family-run gallery.

Where: 314 12th Avenue SW

Beach Beauty Bar

Healthy and affordable is the name of the game at Beach Beauty bar. It’s their mission to be the getaway you need to look like the best version of yourself on the daily.

Where: 232-2312 4th Street SW

Frilly Lilly 

Do your brows need attending to? How about your cuticles? Your bikini line? Frilly Lilly has you covered and will have you ready for summer in a jiffy.

Where: 2105 4th Street SW

Clear Float Spa

Who said you had to go to the ocean to get a good float? Float in high-density saltwater and allow your mind and body to refocus and relax. Release endorphins, improve blood flow, heal, and let go of that built up stress and anxiety.

Where: 1800 4th Street SW

One Cycle

Wellness and fitness go hand-in-hand! Burn those calories and get your beach bod ready for the season.

Where: 2115 4th Street SW

To Shop


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Cha-ching! Your credit card better be prepared for some damage. 4th Street is saturated with so many local brands and shops; it’s hard to imagine what you can’t purchase here. From specialty boutiques to book stores to high-end fashion to goods made right here in Calgary, this is one of the best streets in the city to grab a coffee and explore from shop to shop.

Cinder and Sage

A studio space turned shop, Lindsay, the founder, makes all of her jewellery and accessories right at her store. She also offers a selection of very chic, locally made products for your home that make excellent gifts for any occasion. You might even get to meet her little shop pup, Frankie! 🐶

Where: 2107b 4th Street SW


Their mantra: Buy fewer, better quality products. This little shop sells the most beautiful lifestyle items that are made by local craftsmen within North America. Each item is meant to spark conversation and likely has a fantastic story behind it, so make sure you go with a little extra time on your hands to look around!

Where: 102-1812 4th Street SW

Neal’s Yard Remedies

Originally hailing from London, this English health and beauty brand specializes in natural, organic products for your skin and body. Buyers warning: You will likely come out of this shop with far more than you likely intended to. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us.

Where: 2207 4th Street SW

Coco and Violet

Looking to add some new pieces to your wardrobe? At Coco and Violet, you’ll be sure to find original and quality essentials that will be timeless pieces in your wardrobe for years to come.

Where: 17 2500 4th Street SW


Let’s be honest, buying new workout gear is one of the best motivators to actually workout! Also, if you’re trying to up your running game this summer, they have a run crew that meets every couple of days that will get you in a group setting and help you slay those goals.

Where: 1708 4th Street SW

Shelf Life Books

Looking for your next great read? Shelf Life is a book-lovers dream-come-true.

Where: 1302 4th Street SW

To Dine


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It’s no mystery as to why Mission is where YYC foodies congregate! Travel around the world within one street and try dishes from award-winning chefs that feature unique food concepts and twists on authentic classics. 4th Street is the place you need to be if you’re looking to embark on a true culinary experience.

Bar Bincho

Feast on all your favourite Yakitori as you experience the charm of an authentic izakaya aka a traditional Japanese Pub. Remember, live long and sake! ✌️

Where: 2204 4th Street SW


This Japanese style brassiere has been voted one of Canada’s Top 50 Restaurants for two years in a row and the minute you taste their charred yakitori paired with a bottle of sake you’ll know exactly why!

Where: 2016 4th Street SW

Anju Restaurant

“Anju” actually translates to mean “the food you eat with alcohol.” Expect a modern twist on traditional Korean cuisine, prepared and created by their award-winning chef, Roy Oh.

Where: 344 17th Avenue SW

Red’s Diner

Red’s on 4th features a classic 1950’s diner ambience and has been serving local patrons breakfast all-day-long since 2010 – including bennies!

Where: 1415 4th Street SW


When you think of a classic Italian-style kitchen one would imagine loud and vibrant – welcome to Mercado! Using fresh ingredients from their very own market, their chefs work hard to prepare the most authentic dishes, from homemade cannelloni to Bistecca alla Fiorentina, all while interacting with their guests. This takes a simple dinner up a notch and will be an event you’ll likely keep coming back for.

Where: 2224 4th Street SW

Anejo Restaurant

Hola! You have arrived in the land of crisp margaritas and some of the best-handcrafted taco’s you’ll ever have. The best part? They make their famous guacamole right at your table!

Where: 2116 4th Street SW

Mr. Chen’s Asian Brassiere

Mr. Chen’s is a hip Asian-infused brassiere that offers an extensive list of handcrafted libations and a creative take on traditional dishes. On weekends they feature a variety of live music and, for those with a boozy craving, they offer a late night menu with delicacies that will surely hit the spot.

Where: 2004 4th Street SW

La Petit Boeuf

This French steak house is a culinary wonder and the passion project of three of Alberta’s most well-known chefs, known as Team French. Applying traditional French cooking techniques to local produce and fresh Alberta beef you can guarantee that your dinner will be c’est impeccable!

Where: 2210 4th Street SW

OEB Breakfast Co.

OEB, short for over east breakfast – see what they did there? They are the only people who might like breakfast more than we do! From familiar classics to unpredictable brunch specials, they aim to surprise and delight — they succeed.

Where: 2207 4th Street SW

Vin Room

With over 80 wines to choose from, Vin Room is a wine lovers paradise. But it gets better! They not only have a dog-friendly patio, but they offer your pup a three-course meal when you order your food. Now that sounds like the happiest place on earth!

Where: 2310 4th Street SW

To Indulge


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The international trend continues in this culturally diverse corner of the city! Saturday night to Sunday morning, they have you covered from world-class wine pairings with delectable desserts, to shots of espresso and melt-in-your-mouth pastries. This neighbourhood is made for those with a penchant for delicacies and authenticity, which you will discover among the avenues that cross 4th.

La Boulangerie

If heaven was a pastry, this family-owned bakery and café has nailed it! Try their Kouign Amann aka Queen Aman, a cross between a croissant and crème brule – we’ll just leave it at that.

Where: 2435 4th Street SW

Fourth Street Pizza

Self-proclaimed the “best za in Calgary,” these guys confidently stand by their claim, and for good reason. All you have to do is follow the crisp, smoky scent down the road and it will lead you straight to the goods.

Where: 2107 4th Street SW

Famoso Pizzeria

This pizzeria features za made like it was shipped over straight from Italy. With a perfectly moist centre, a thin crisp and perfectly charred crust, and smooth sauce made from Campania tomatoes, there is nothing like it – can you taste it? Can you smell it?

Where: 105-2303 4th Street SW

Bin 905 Wines

There is nothing like finding the perfect vino to pair with your homemade creation. They even offer a monthly Wine Club for enthusiasts to try six new bottles of wine a month. Now that’s a club we want to be a part of!

Where: 2311 4th Street SW

Phil and Sebastian Coffee Roasters

These guys know their coffee and will likely take your coffee tasting experience to another level! This specific location is a bright, mid-century café that is the perfect spot to catch up with friends, read a book, or bring your laptop and stay caffeinated as you work. Many creative ideas have been concocted right here in this space, and the minute you walk in you’ll understand why!

Where: 2207 4th Street SW

Purple Perk

This brightly coloured café has been a mainstay in the area since 2005. Grab an espresso, hit their patio, and enjoy the view.

Where: 2212 4th Street SW

Yann Haute Patisserie

You can’t miss this bright yellow historic house (built in 1912) serving up a variety of French pastries. On average they offer 24 different macaron flavours daily. Bon appetit!

Where: 329 23rd Avenue SW

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