The Weather Network releases Calgary's long-term summer forecast

May 24 2017, 6:26 pm

Well, after a long, cold spring, it’s safe to say that summer is finally around the corner.

The Weather Network is forecasting a changeable weather pattern throughout the season, one that includes a warmer than usual summer.

“One of the themes that we have across the country is to expect a changeable summer,” said the Weather Network’s Dr. Doug Gillham. “It’s not a summer where most areas will truly lock into a pattern.”

Dr. Gillham said that changeable weather is not unusual for the middle of the country, and that Calgary is notorious for such changeable patterns.

But overall, The Weather Network is forecasting warmer than normal temperatures for Calgary.

“The summer as a whole will be warmer than normal, well deserved after the winter and spring they’ve had,” Dr. Gillam told Daily Hive from Ontario. “Calgary loves to go above and below normal sometimes on the same day. And Calgary has a better chance at tipping the warm side.”

In terms of “normal,” it’s the temperatures closest to the monthly average. And for Calgary’s upcoming summer, this means summer days will be close to and above the 20°C range in June, and up to 23°C range in July and August.

Meanwhile, expect June to be a wet one. Historically, the average rainfall for Calgary in June is 90 to 100 mm, which is actually the wettest month of the year. 

The rain should be less frequent in July and August, when it is expected to rain about 55 to 65 mm each month (as per average.)

Regardless of the long term weather pattern, we’re just really excited for summer at this point.

Just don’t expect it not to be a bit of a ride when it does arrive.

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