The Weather Network releases Alberta's long-term spring forecast

Feb 26 2020, 9:27 am

Albertans have gone through it all this winter, with extreme cold warnings, occasional mild temperatures, and seemingly never-ending snow, begging the question of what to expect with spring right around the corner.

The Weather Network has released its national spring forecast to give us a breakdown of what we can expect in the next season.

The days will get longer, but will Alberta see a warm or chilly spring?

Spring Forecast Temperature Map (CNW Group/The Weather Network)

According to The Weather Network’s Spring Forecast, which looks at March, April, and May, “most Canadians will have to be patient as we wait for the arrival of consistent warm weather.”

So, while it will eventually be warm, it won’t happen quick.

In Alberta, The Weather Network says spring will struggle to produce consistent warmth.

“Several weeks of colder than normal weather is expected as winter takes some parting shots before we settle into a warmer pattern,” says the forecast, while near-normal precipitation is expected for much of the region.

It was a snowy winter in many parts of Alberta, which could mean the risk of flooding in some parts of the province.

According to the forecast, “above-normal snow depths on the Rocky Mountains means that we will have to closely monitor the risk for spring flooding along many creeks and rivers in Alberta,” and the Red River region is also at risk for flooding.