Canadian driver fired for purposely splashing pedestrians using company vehicle (VIDEO)

Jul 30 2018, 1:48 pm

An Ottawa van driver was fired after being caught splashing pedestrians using the company vehicle.

A dashcam video, which has now been seen over 780,000 times, surfaced late last week showing a Black & McDonald van purposely splashing pedestrians on sidewalks.

At the time, the videographer tweeted at Ottawa Police asking if there was a law for slowing down at puddles to not splash pedestrians and included a link to his video.

Police responded saying there is no by-law, but that drivers may be charged with mischief.

The video seemed to land in the hands of the proper authorities and just days after the incident, the driver was fired.

“We apologize to everyone impacted by the recent incident in Ottawa of unacceptable driving by one of our van drivers,” stated Black & McDonald Limited on their Facebook page.

“We want to reassure the public that safety is our #1 priority. This is an isolated incident and the individual is no longer employed with Black & McDonald.”

Ottawa police Sgt Mark Gatien also confirmed the news that the employee was let go, and thanked the officer on patrol who helped assist in the outcome.

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