Urban farm collective YYC Growers looking to expand through crowdfunding

Jul 19 2016, 11:47 pm

YYC Growers has outgrown their YYC space.

The Calgary-based non-profit farmers’ collective is currently raising money on crowdfunding platform chuffed.org for a new cooler, as they’ve outgrown their current location..

YYC Growers has recently partnered with the City of Calgary and acquired land in the Bridgeland-Riverside community. Their membership has also doubled over the past year, and the original vision of a few farmers getting together to share resources has expanded greatly.

“Our goal in growth is to increase the supply of locally-produced food to reduce the cost and increase accessibility,” said YYC Growers President Kye Kocher. “We want everyone in Calgary to eat, and to eat well — food as fresh as it gets. And it doesn’t get fresher than your own backyard.”

Some of the perks in Growers’ Chuffed campaign, donated by local businesses, include:

  • $25: Free entry to Market Collective
  • $55: Free growler fill from Last Best
  • $80: Free dinner for two from Forage
  • $2,000: A Fall/winter harvest box to keep you and your family fed through the cold months

Growers’ is looking to partner and share space with local food provider Fulfilled in the southeast of Calgary. The crowdfunding campaign will go towards setting up operations in the new space and buying a bigger cooler for food storage.

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