Uber will now charge a per-minute fee if you make your driver wait

Oct 25 2017, 7:11 pm

Say goodbye to taking your time when it comes to getting to your Uber.

According to the company’s latest email to customers, it will now be charging a fee for users who make their drivers wait.

“Delays happen, and when you’re running late, you have the peace of mind of knowing that your driver will be at the curb for at least 5 minutes,” reads the Uber email. “The first 2 minutes your driver waits are free of charge. After that, a small per minute fee will now be added to your fare.”

Uber’s website further explains that the trip fare is determined by a base fare, time and distance rates. And if a user asks a driver to make a stop along your route, the time portion of the fare will continue to accumulate.

And while users may not like this, it does benefit drivers.

“Get paid while you wait,” states the drivers’ portion of Uber’s website. “Now you’ll earn a per-minute fee while you wait for your rider. Paid wait time starts 2 minutes after you arrive at your rider’s pickup location. You’ll see a timer in the app indicating that wait time is being charged.”

The new fees apply to Canadian cities, except Quebec, according to the website. But it does indicate that it will be coming soon to cities in Quebec as well.

Uber will now be charging for wait times

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