This Canadian city has some of the worst traffic in the world

Jan 11 2023, 9:35 pm

Gone are the days of near-empty roads and minimal traffic. COVID-19 might still be around, but most things are almost back to normal. Unfortunately, that includes traffic.

After analyzing traffic in 50 countries and over 1,000 cities, US-based company INRIX just released the Global Traffic Scorecard, a report on the world’s most congested areas.

“Despite higher fuel prices, significant inflationary pressure, and supply chain problems around most of the world — in addition to a war in Europe — most urban areas experienced more delay in 2022 than in 2021,” states the report.

The study measures the average number of hours drivers lost while stuck in traffic in 2022.

Living in the city definitely comes with some disadvantages, especially if you live in London. Londoners lost 156 hours in traffic last year, making it the most congested city in the world, followed by Chicago, with commuters losing 155 hours, and Paris, with residents losing 138 hours.

In Canada, the unfortunate honour goes to Toronto, which comes in at seventh place. While nowhere near as bad as London, Torontonians still spent 118 hours stuck in traffic.


“Cities like Bogota, Boston, Miami, and Toronto all moved up significantly from last year, seeing double-digit increases over 2021,” states the report.

It’s a pretty huge jump from 2021, when Toronto was ranked the 22nd most congested city in the world.

New York comes in at number eight, with New Yorkers losing 117 hours.

If it’s any consolation, traffic isn’t at its worst yet, at least when compared to 2019.

“Most still lag their 2019 levels of traffic congestion, as commuting and work habits have shifted considerably,” reads the report.

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