Women on Top: 5 web series created by Canadian women

Dec 19 2017, 11:14 am

Over the past year, a lot of great online content has been appearing in the form of web series from Canadians. In particular, a few strong entries feature women in key creative and decision-making roles. In honour of Women’s History Month this March, here’s a list of the top five web series created by Canadian Women within the last few years.

The Autobiography of Jane Eyre

This series is a modernization of Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre created by Vancouverites, Nessa Aref and Alyson Hall. Shot in a vlogging style, The Autobiography of Jane Eyre is a quirky, introspective and clever remake of the classic novel.

[youtube id=”GK8HqCXybok”]

The Support Group

This hilarious web series was created by graduates from Vancouver’s Capilano University,  Lily Zarif, Sydney Doberstein Larock and Laura Carly Miller. The comedy centres around three unlikely friends who come together to save their beloved support group.

[youtube id=”xMjvjQd2csE”]

Golden Futures

Named after an apartment building in Vancouver’s Mount Pleasant neighbourhood, Golden Futures was created by local comedians Christine Bortolin and Bita Joudaki. The series follows two completely clueless millennials, using a lot of self-reflective humour to deliver some truly hilarious moments.

[youtube id=”ravJJNiwhxQ”]


Inshayshable is a look into a week in the life of Saysha Grabinski, the “type of woman you make eye contact with and instantly know it was a mistake”. The series was first released on the website, Funny or Die, but now is featured on their own website and hosted on YouTube.

[youtube id=”CjdnhSbpTAc”]


An LGBTQ+ web series that shells out two new episodes a week, telling the story of four friends who navigate the trials and tribulations of a fake relationship that gets complicated really fast.

[youtube id=”DwJv22M7ROA”]

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