The Locked Room opens new Calgary location

May 23 2016, 7:25 pm

The Locked Room now has three locations around Calgary for you to experience the thrill of an interactive escape room. Teams of two to 10 people are pitted in a scenario and given the task to escape within an hour’s time, making for a great team building activity.

Their new Southland Drive location has four exciting rooms to explore, and we got a chance to get locked in to try them out.

The Great Train Heist

Transported back to the time of saloons and gun fights, you and your friends are the most notorious robbers in the land. Wanting to get out of the business and attempt your final score, you only have one hour before the train rolls through Fort Calgary where officers are waiting to lock you up.

In this Locked Room, you and your friends need to be puzzle experts as this is often seen as the hardest room to crack. Calgary Buzz tried out this room and, unfortunately, we weren’t successful. We’ll be back though, you can count on it.

Image: The Great Train Heist / The Locked Room

Image: The Great Train Heist / The Locked Room

Image: The Great Train Heist / The Locked Room

Image: The Great Train Heist / The Locked Room

Hipster Hangover

After one epic night out before your wedding day, you can’t remember one detail from the night before. Your entourage has woken up in a place you don’t recognize decorated with shaggy carpets, lava lamps and trails of evidence from the night before.

The door to get out is locked and when you finally check your watch you realize you only have one hour to escape or you’ll miss your big day! This escape room has themes suitable for an older audience, so you must be over 18 or accompanied by a parent or guardian.

The Sinister Study

You check your voicemail and hear a panicked message from one of your friends. He says he needs your help, that he’s in trouble and begs you to meet him at his study right away. When you get there the door is wide open but you can’t see him anywhere. As you walk in to find him the door slams shut behind you.

The room is dark and you have this unsettling feeling that someone else is there with you. Find your friend and escape the room before the dark force that lives in the study takes over.

The Lair of the Minotaur

Ancient Athens has been terrorized by a fearsome Minotaur. The King has promised riches and great honour to the hero or hero’s who defeats the Minotaur. Some locals agree to guide you to the entrance but they won’t go in with you because the lair is guarded by four fearsome creatures: a griffin, a hydra, a cyclops, and the menacing Medusa.

This escape room has a capacity of six people and will be open to explore the first week of April.

The Locked Room Calgary

32nd Avenue Location – #15 2015 32nd avenue NE
Phone: 403-455-0545

52nd Street Location – #191 5330 72nd AVE SE
Phone: 403-271-9645

Southland Drive Location – #5 9937 Fairmount Drive SE
Phone: 403-454-4496

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