The new dating app that could help you meet your forever person in Calgary

Nov 10 2017, 11:46 am

Okay, so everyone says Calgary is a tough city for dating.

Even with a population of 1.5 million, it can still be a hard place for singles looking for a relationship.

By now, you’ve probably tried meeting like-minded individuals in bars (rarely works because one person is usually too drunk), on apps like Tinder, at the library, coffee shops, and a ton of other places you’d expect to find the love of your life. But there’s no need to freak out if it didn’t work out because the future of dating in Calgary is about to get a lot better.

And it starts with ‘The Inner Circle’ – a selective, quality dating app that connects interesting and ambitious people. So if you’re single right now you’ll want to give it a try since you’ll have a higher chance of dating success by using it.

To help you see why it’s a good idea to sign up, we’ve compiled a list of four features of The Inner Circle that you can enjoy.

Selective dating

Every profile on The Inner Circle is screened to make sure that you only meet the most inspiring singletons. So you can definitely say goodbye to any time wasters. It’s a quality over quantity matter with this app so you know you’ll be in good matchmaking hands.

Exclusive events

The app hosts monthly events at world-class venues – exclusively for their members. So this means that if you haven’t already met someone online, you could meet them face to face at one of these soirees.

Favourite spots

As a member of The Inner Circle, you can find out which members enjoy going to the same places as you and meet up with them. Love going for dinner by the waterfront? Well so does you new love interest, so you could easily arrange to have a meal there together.

Meet up abroad

You’re not restricted to meeting people in your hometown when you use The Inner Circle because you can meet members in cities around the world and discover where they love to go. And since you’ll be meeting other singles with similar backgrounds/interests, you’ll be much more likely to hit it off.

To sign up and change your dating life, visit The Inner Circle now.

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