The Future Home at TELUS Spark

Dec 19 2017, 2:43 am

Future, it’s such a fun thing to think about: where are we going, what will everyday life look like? Well, TELUS has done some imagining for us on what our homes may look like in the future.

At TELUS Spark there is a concept home dubbed the Future Home containing things that will blow your mind. The home runs off of TELUS Fibre, which is essentially an upgraded communications infrastructure from the older copper lines that many homes still operate on today. It allows for a much faster connection for your home to run on, which is needed for a home like the Future Home.

“TELUS Fibre is the most advanced communications infrastructure available in the world today and is laying the groundwork for the smart homes, businesses and cities of tomorrow,” said Tony Geheran, EVP & President of Broadband Networks at TELUS.

“We’re building the network of the future in a number of communities across Alberta and have trialed this capability here in Hillhurst, Crescent Heights, and Capitol Hill. The Future Home offers a compelling glimpse into how a fibre optic network can transform our homes and enhance our lives.”

The 560-square-foot Future Home was built to simulate a small condo with cutting edge technologies that are currently available as well as those that aren’t on the markets, yet.

Features of the Future Home

Biometric home security system

When walking into the home, the first thing you’ll notice is the biometric home security system. Although a few years away, this system plans to use facial recognition to grant an individual access into their home, secure their home and provides other benifits as well.

It will be especially handy when a person is having one of those days, where they are juggling groceries and multitasking with a hundred other things, as the system will scan their face and will consequently open the door for them without any hassle.

Intelligent kitchen

Inside the home there are such features like an intelligent kitchen, where you can control what you eat and how much, even to the extent of knowing the calorie content in each of your meals. Forgot what groceries you need? It’s okay, your fridge could potentially go grocery shopping for you. The future kitchen stove top can tell you how to cook from a limitless amount of recipes with just a swipe gesture of your hand.

The Future House

Image: Kaitlyn Johnson / Calgary Buzz

Interactive Touch Tables

Experience an interactive touch table in the home’s connected home office. Imagine if you could have a high-definition video conference call with a doctor when you’re sick or with colleagues when you’re working from home.

Connected lighting and temperature

With lighting and temperature being connected, energy costs can be reduced as the two calculate when the home’s temperature needs to be increased or decreased and if a light was left on accidentally.

Another unique part of the Future Home is the fixture on the wall boasting an array of LED lights that was inspired from electronic picture frames. The fixture can change the colours of its lights and backgrounds from just the touch of a smartphone, making decorating easy.

Next-generation home entertainment

At the end of the tour, sit down to watch the 78-inch 4K Samsung Ultra HD TV with ultra HD Optic TV. It’s almost like your very own movie theatre in your home, just without the kicking and screaming kids in the background, unless those kids are your kids.

The many technologies and features of the Future Home are only a few years away from being a reality – who knows maybe your house will look like the Future Home sooner than you think!

Image: Kaitlyn Johnson/ Calgary Buzz

Image: Kaitlyn Johnson, Calgary Buzz

The Future Home

Where: TELUS Spark – 220 St. Georges Drive NE, Calgary

When: Until Thursday, October 29 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Cost: Free

Visit the Future Home and have a chance to enter a contest to win a Samsung prize pack from TELUS, including a 55-inch Samsung UHD TV, Samsung Galaxy Tab S LTE 8.4 and a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

For more information on the Future Home, visit TELUS’ website.

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