Stay2Play rolls out curated board game menus in Calgary pubs and cafes

Jun 5 2016, 5:23 am

The board game scene is Calgary is booming. Within the last year PiPS Board Game Cafe, Metal Galaxy Social Games and Bistro, and Boxcar Cafe have all opened up their doors.

In addition to gaining a collection of board game cafes, Calgary has also become host to organized board game events. Late last year, Mike Procee, a Calgary-based blogger, teamed up with David Minken, the founder of Connect More — a local business focused on strengthening social connections using board games — to develop a new concept to bring board games to even more pubs and cafes within Calgary.

Enter “Stay2Play,” Connect More’s latest initiative that aims to provide venues across Calgary and beyond with all the bits and pieces they need to run their own board game events.

“We’ve done the research, we know what are the most popular [games] right now, we know what are the best for communication and for socializing,” Procee tells Daily Hive Calgary via phone. Armed with this knowledge Procee and Minken have been able to curtail a curated library of board games to each specific participating venue.

Following the board game trend, Stay2Play has equipped partnering venues with a stack of board games tailored especially to each venue space (taking into consideration how big the tables are and the typical group size), in addition to staff training and quick start guides.

Naturally, clientele demographics have also been determined. Venues that host a more family-oriented crowd are provided with more family-friendly games. Similarly, bars that are frequented by groups in their 20s have been set up with Cards Against Humanity, and other group and age appropriate games.

Currently, Stay2Play has partnered with 16 venues (and counting) strategically placed around Calgary to launch this concept. Partners include Higher Ground, Ship and Anchor, Second Cup, Nellies, and Good Earth.

Fore more information visit Stay2Play or the company’s Facebook page.

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