Starbucks to donate 100% of unused food to people in need, but only in U.S. right now

Dec 19 2017, 3:15 am

Starbucks has just announced that it will start donating 100% of its unused food to those in need. The move comes as more and more employees voiced their desire to feed people who face hunger by donating surplus food from Starbucks stores.

While the idea sounds straightforward (and is something all food outlets should be emulating), food safety policies require baristas to discard salads, sandwiches, and other refrigerated items after the designated expiration date even if the food could still be consumed.

Starbucks announced today that after investing in research and quality assurance testing to develop a way to safely donate fresh food, the company will launch FoodShare – a program to donate leftover ready-to-eat meals to food banks from its 7,600 company-operated stores in the U.S.

Initially, this will be accomplished through an existing collaboration with Food Donation Connection and a new partnership with non-profit organization Feeding America.

At this stage, the Starbucks initiative to help tackle hunger and reduce waste will take place nationwide within the U.S. only. Although we’re pretty certain that most countries including Canada (the home of Mealshare and other food donation programs) would like to implement this program too.

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