Here's how to get someone else to shovel your snow for you in Calgary

Oct 28 2019, 10:19 am

Ugh. Snow.

Calgarians awoke to an even thicker covering of the cold stuff on their driveways and property-adjacent sidewalks on Monday morning, meaning that the day would likely include a sweaty, back-bending workout.

… Though that doesn’t actually have to be the case.

While all responsible Calgarians know that they’re on the hook for the sidewalks adjacent to their homes — and, if they want to leave the house at all, their own driveways — there are actually a few ways to get out doing that particularly unenjoyable civic duty.

Older people or Calgarians with limited mobility are encouraged to seek out the help of Calgary’s Snow Angels, a group of volunteers who are willing to help out those in need by shovelling out their driveways and sidewalks when Old Man Winter comes knocking.

If you’re hoping for help from a Snow Angel, you can contact the city online and they will organize local volunteers who may be able to help you out.

Now, for those of us who might actually be capable enough to clear our own sidewalks but we’re either out of town, sick, or coming down with a nasty case of the lazies, there are actually quite a few snow removal services that you can hire out to take care of all that snow and ice.

Companies like Yardly, YardWorx, TouchPlow, and Superyard offer either one-time or monthly snow removal services for a set fee that ranges from $25 for the one-off or around $150 to $200 for monthly service.

Aidan Klingbeil, the founder and CEO of snow removal service MowSnowPros, said in an email to Daily Hive that he was sure to have hundreds of shovels at the ready heading into the snowy September weekend.

“Last year, Calgarians got a big taste of winter when it snowed more than 30 cm alone on October 2,” said Klingbeil.

“Our snow-shovellers were ready then, and they’re ready again for this season’s first taste of winter. We have more than 200 MowSnowPros who are ready to trade their lawnmowers for snow shovels and help Calgarians clean up from the winter wallop in the forecast.”

MowSnowPro is an app that, as its name suggests, offers yard and snow services year-round, and actually lets the customer set a bid price for how much they’d be willing to pay to have someone shovel their property.

So, seeing as the city starts giving out tickets if snow and ice haven’t been removed within 24 hours of a snowfall ending (as it just did), the clock’s a tickin’!

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