Here's how to make the most out of Sled Island 2019

Jun 19 2019, 2:30 am

Sled Island is right around the corner, and the sheer amount of entertainment, art, music, and comedy that is packed into the five-day long festival may seem a little overwhelming.

There’s no way to check out everything that’s taking place this year unless your some sort of time traveller, and last we checked Time Turners and Deloreans were in short supply… but that’s okay.

What’s important is that you get to everything that you most want to check out, and for that at least, we can help.

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Sled Island Pro Tip #1: The schedule is your best friend

While getting all caught up in the fun of a summer festival (and a few beers) may be basically everyone’s idea of a good time, it is crucial that you stay aware of what’s going on and where, lest you find yourself halfway across the city right when the big headliner takes the stage.

Sled Island has supplied a schedule that outlines all the events for this year’s festival, where they are, and when you’ll need to be there. Commit this schedule to memory, print it out, write it on your arm in Sharpie, or, at the very least, have it bookmarked on your phone — if you trust that battery to last the whole day through, that is.

Pro tip #2: Invest in the Sled Island Discovery Pass

This thing will (somewhat) ensure that you’ll be able to get into the concerts, shows, and events that you’ve been most looking forward to, because 2/3 of all venue capacities are reserved for holders of these passes.

That’s not to say that an entire venue won’t fill up with pass holders before you can get there (that’s where the schedule comes in) but it will give you a foot up on the casuals!

Pro Tip #3: Buddy up! 

No one wants to get left behind in the sweet chaos that is a summer festival, so pull a play out of your elementary school teacher’s book and choose a buddy to have your back as you navigate Sled Island 2019.

Having a friend (or three) to cruise around to concerts with will not only make the entire experience more enjoyable, but it will ensure that someone will (probably) have a working phone, useable credit card, or bottle of water handy for when things get really intense.

The rest is up to you! Enjoy the festival, and stay safe out there, Calgary!

Sled Island 2019

When: Wednesday, June 9 to Sunday, June 23
Time: Full schedule can be found here
Where: 30+ venues around the city… so check the schedule
Tickets: Discovery Pass available online for $225

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