This Canadian chocolate brand has gone viral and people’s reactions are priceless

Apr 23 2018, 11:08 pm

A Canadian protein-infused chocolate maker has made headlines all over the world because of the name of his product: Shyte Chocolate.

You’ve probably heard it before, it’s a relatively well-known term meaning plural of sh*t that’s commonly used in the UK, and we’re pretty sure the brand’s creator Kevin Richards knew that too.

The chocolate maker, who is based in Barrie, ON, acknowledges the hilarity of the name, but they don’t really give a sh*t if you like it or not, he holds his chocolate protein bars are top-notch when it comes to taste.

“We may be silly, but we take our chocolate very seriously,” reads Shyte Chocolate’s website.

The chocolate is currently available in six stores in Ontario and one in Alberta, but it can be ordered online worldwide in several varieties of white, milk, and dark chocolate.

Shyte Chocolate has officially gone viral, and the Internet’s reaction to the name is priceless.

Hanna McLeanHanna McLean

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