13 terrifying retro hockey goalie masks

Oct 14 2017, 2:23 am

No position in hockey has evolved more over the years than goaltending. Equipment is lighter than ever and goalies are more athletic.

Their masks have evolved too.

There’s a lot more protection for the masked men who defend their team’s goal. With players shooting pucks at over 100 miles per hour, you can understand why.

But not everything has changed for the better.

Let’s talk about goalie mask designs. There are some great ones.

Artists get paid big bucks to design all sorts of masks nowadays. But none of them terrify us like masks from the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s.

Here’s 13 goalie masks who captured the lost art of terrifying us:

1. Gary Bromley (Vancouver Canucks)

As if that jersey was terrifying enough.

2. Gilles Gratton (New York Rangers)


3. Phil Myre (Atlanta Flames)

Is he on fire or is he breathing fire? Either way, I just pooped my pants.

4. Jacques Plante (Montreal Canadiens)

Less is more with this goalie mask pioneer.

5. Gerry Cheevers (Boston Bruins)

Snitches get stitches, and so did Gerry Cheevers’ mask.

6. Terry Sawchuk (Toronto Maple Leafs)

Imagine someone waking you up in your sleep with that mask on.

7. Gary Simmons (California Golden Seals)

Snakes are scary.

8. Murray Bannerman (Chicago Blackhawks)

Those eyebrows.

9. Pelle Lindbergh (Philadelphia Flyers)

Is that Jason Voorhees??

10. Mike Liut (St Louis Blues)

That’s not human.

11. Jim Rutherford (Pittsburgh Penguins)

The blue creeps me out, don’t know why.

12. Gerry Desjardins (Buffalo Sabres)

Giant forehead, tiny nose and mouth. Again, not human.

13. Cesare Maniago (Minnesota North Stars)

Sleep with one eye open.

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