Samsung Galaxy Note 7 banned on Air Canada flights

Oct 15 2016, 7:03 pm

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is now banned on all Air Canada flights, effective immediately, according to a release issued Saturday morning.

Travellers will not be allowed to board Air Canada or Air Canada Express aircraft with a Galaxy Note 7, whether it is on them or in their checked luggage.

Samsung has halted production of the Galaxy Note 7 completely, after a number of consumers complained of their devices catching fire due to battery issues.

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Transport Canada now says these problems mean the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations applies when travelling with a Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Under those regulations, it is forbidden to transport lithium ion batteries that are damaged or defective and that, under normal conditions, produce a flame.

In its release, Air Canada says it appreciates the ban on Samsung Galaxy Note 7s may be disruptive, but it is offering a goodwill gesture to customers.

Anyone who arrives at the airport with a Galaxy Note 7 will be allowed to travel “at another time without penalty to allow them to make alternative arrangements for their device.”

If you have a Samsung Galaxy Note 7, you can return your device and get credit towards an alternative at

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