Western Canada's first premium rum distillery Romero Distilling Co. is open

Feb 13 2020, 6:41 pm

In case you’re not jazzed about the news of the super popularĀ White Claw Seltzer coming to Canada, we’ve got some other buzz-worthy booze news to share.

Western Canada’s first premium rum distillery, Romero Distilling Co., is now open in Calgary.

The new craft rum distillery, which is located atĀ 688 Heritage Drive SE, is a father-and-son-owned operation inspired by the “untold history of rum-running in Alberta.”

Romero is the first local premier craft distiller specializing in rum. The company uses high-quality Canadian ingredients like molasses and “glacier-fed water that originates on the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains.”

Even the distilling equipment they use is Canadian-made.

You can book and tour and buy Romero’s spirits online and see what this new establishment has to offer.

Romero Distilling


Romero Distilling Co.

Address: Suite 300 688 Heritage Drive SE, Calgary
Phone: 403-640-7886


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