You can now get birth control in Alberta without a doctor’s appointment

Jul 17 2020, 2:25 pm

It’s no secret that many of us have been avoiding visiting the doctor for our usual appointments lately.

Considering current efforts to avoid overloading the healthcare system and situations that put ourselves at risk, taking a trip to the GP for a birth control prescription just isn’t as straightforward as it used to be.

Instead of having to go for a physical appointment at the doctor, Rexall has announced a new service that enables you to get a prescription at your local pharmacy — instead of making a trip to the doctor.

Rexall’s prescribing pharmacists have undergone expanded training so that they can write prescriptions without having to ask your doctor first.

The new service allows patients to receive medications and supplies to treat conditions (think cold sores and UTIs) and get refills of existing prescriptions. Patients can also get help modifying or adapting a prescription written by another prescriber.

Considering how COVID-19 has added barriers to physically visiting healthcare practitioners, the service is welcomed more now than ever.

Rexall pharmacists can prescribe all drugs except narcotics and controlled substances. As with your GP, before they prescribe, they will need to assess your health condition.

Take birth control for example. Instead of having to go to your doctor’s office, Albertan patients can now just head to their local pharmacy. Pharmacists will complete an assessment in-store and, if in doubt, take the necessary screening steps to ensure the patient receives the best care possible for their condition.

Patients will still be able to ask about the same concerns they might raise with their family doctor, like potential side effects of birth control. As well as asking the pharmacist questions, patients seeking birth control will also be able to get their blood pressure checked on site.


Due to COVID-19, pharmacists will accept recent blood pressure test results, too, to avoid extra time spent in the store.

In terms of convenience, patients can expect to have their birth control (and other prescriptions) filled swiftly — if they meet the assessment criteria, the pharmacist will be able to fill the prescription the same day.

Ready to take advantage of this super convenient new service and avoid waiting in the doctor’s office? Rexall’s new prescription service is available at select pharmacies across Alberta. You can visit the Rexall website for more details.

Contact your Rexall location for availability of prescribing services.

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