Free your mind at the Float Life in Calgary

Dec 19 2017, 2:27 am

After a crazy week of Stampede or even just a crazy week, floating is the perfect way to relax. Floating is an activity that has been performed for decades but only now has it gathered more attention.

Float tanks were invented in 1954 by medical practitioner and neuropsychologist, Dr. John C. Lily. The thought behind the tank was to answer a simple question, “what would happen if you took away all sensory input and freed the mind from the body?”.

It was hypothesized that the brain would go to sleep and the results were astonishing. Extensive research has been published in Europe dedicated to observing the effects of floating on the body. Floating is now recognized as one of the most effective tools to elicit relaxation, reduce stress hormones, and release feel good hormones.

Float Life, is one of a few locations in Calgary where you can free your mind.  Floating creates a place where you can separate your mind from your body and can thus achieve relaxation, meditation and the ultimate goal of wellness.

Floating provides deep relaxation, stress relief, pain relief and/or even to enhance your creativity and focus.

The water is mixed with Epsom salts aimed to relieve stress and increase your energy. The idea is really quite simple, taking away all of the sensory stimuli actually benefits you and gives you time to just discover yourself again.

It’s easy to book an appointment or if you are curious and have more questions go and check them out.


Float Life

Address: 102 1422 Kensington Rd NW, Calgary
Phone: 587-899-7805


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