Premier Kenney alludes to fuel, energy relief plans coming this week

Jul 4 2022, 5:16 pm

Premier Jason Kenney alluded to fuel and energy relief plans coming later this week, as the Albertans grapple with skyrocketing inflation.

Kenney made the remarks Monday morning at a news conference regarding new support for Ukrainians arriving in Alberta, after previously hinting at more inflation support plans this weekend.

“We have been looking at what additional support we can provide, one of the biggest cost drivers is fuel and energy costs, we recognize that and that’s what we are looking at,” Kenney said.

“We do acknowledge that Alberta’s budget improves as energy prices go up, so I think there is a strong argument that Alberta’s government should reflect that by helping people with the cost of energy. We can’t directly control the cost of food and housing, but we do have more policy levers over the cost of energy.”

Kenney did not get into specific policies that could be brought in, or the exact date they will be announced.

He then went on to call on the federal government to give Canadians a break with the carbon tax.

Earlier this year Alberta slashed its gas tax at the pump, reducing the price of gas by 13 cents per litre, which is set to remain in effect until early September.

The province is also handing out $150 in electricity rebates in an effort to lower the impact of inflation.

According to the latest daily pump price survey from Kent Group, regular gas in Edmonton sits at $1.869 per litre while Calgary is at $1.919 per litre.

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