Pizza Hug Spot: AI-inspired pizza restaurant concept launches tomorrow

May 5 2023, 10:01 pm

If you haven’t seen the Pepperoni Hug Spot commercial, you might have been living under a rock because the internet has been buzzing about it.

So what is it?

It’s a pizza restaurant concept that was created using AI (by Redditor u/PizzaLater). It’s a fake ad for a non-existent pizza place filled with 90s nostalgia which was met by viewers with amazement, horror, and laughter.

“Our chefs make pizza with heart and special touch,” the deep-voiced AI-generated narrator says in the commercial. “Cheese, pepperoni, vegetable, and more secret things.”

“Your tummy say thank you. Your mouth say mmmm…”

One restaurant seems to be the main inspiration for the AI generation: Pizza Hut. The logo and red roof of the restaurant are shown throughout the ad and the massive pizza chain thought so too.

In a surprising move, it looks like Pizza Hut will be embracing the robot ideas for one day.

On Saturday, May 6, starting at 11 am EST, Pizza Hut will be bringing to life this experience in Toronto by transforming one of its existing locations (922 Bloor Street W) into this Pepperoni Hug Spot.

Definitely wasted 3 hours of my life making this today… Everything is AI from the VO to the video and images. Assembled in After Effects.
by u/PizzaLater in midjourney

“Our team at Pizza Hut loves seeing pizza fanatics come together to share their love for all
things pizza, and Pepperoni Hug Spot was a great example of this,” said Daniela Di Vito,
the associate marketing manager at Pizza Hut Canada, in a press release.

“Seeing as AI often imitates the real world, why not imitate AI? We saw a fun opportunity to tap into a cultural moment and reach a younger audience.”

Go in, say hello to our future robot overlords, and try a slice of AI-inspired Pizza. Supplies are limited, so don’t wait too long.

There’s only one question left. It’s the same question that was asked in the first lines of the creepy fake commercial.

“Are you ready for best pizza of life?”

Pizza Hug Spot

Courtesy of Pizza Hut

Pizza Hug Spot

Courtesy of Pizza Hut


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