4 ways you can make road construction safer

Jul 21 2016, 6:21 am

Many of us don’t want to admit that we’ve sped through road construction zones.

Even though we know it’s against the law, we fool ourselves into thinking that our actions are safe. But if there’s one thing to be taken seriously, it’s that many construction workers have had their lives put at risk because of careless drivers. It’s a pretty harsh reality for those who work on Alberta’s roads, highways, and utilities.

Because of too many close calls for workers and drivers alike, we’ve put together a list of the top four ways to make roadside construction zones safer.

Drive the speed limit

It seems like a given, but there’s more to pay attention to in construction zones than we realize. For example, sometimes the pavement is uneven. You can get into trouble if you’re not careful in these situations, risking harm to workers, yourself, and your property.

Stay alert

You’ve driven these roads before? Great. Chances are that if they’re being worked on, they’ve changed, and that means you need to focus on the machine you’re driving. This is about you just as much as it is about construction workers. Watch out for debris, no barriers, narrow lanes, and uneven pavement — protect your vehicle and its passengers. Looking at your phone while you drive is another huge no-no.

Be courteous and patient

Sometimes traffic gets backed up. Sometimes your commute gets slowed down. People get angry, but rarely does that ever change anything or speed up traffic. Impatient drivers can be dangerous. Everyone’s in the same situation – you’ll get through it together.

Vow to Slow Down

This one’s important if you’d really like to make roadside construction safer. All you have to do is take the pledge for safe driving in construction zones. Vow to slow down to let people know that you’ve committed to road safety. You’ll be letting people know that you plan to help make construction zones safer for everyone.

As a bonus, when you take the pledge, Partners in Road Construction Safety will send you a small token of their appreciation. Next time you’re driving through a construction zone, remember these tips to keep things safe.


Visit VowToSlowDown.com to take the pledge and learn more about roadside construction safety.

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