This mobile app makes finding parking an absolute breeze

Feb 5 2019, 8:32 am

Anyone who drives knows the frustration of finding a parking spot — particularly during busy hours. Who has time nowadays to spend circling around and around trying to find space in a parking lot?

Definitely not us. And you don’t have to either.

Park Indigo’s mobile app allows you to find parking lots across Calgary, pay on the spot or in advance and continue your day, without the stress and frustration of endless lines at the machines, people taking forever to pay, or lost tickets inevitably resulting in a fine.

By helping users find a place quickly and efficiently, Park Indigo is improving urban mobility — say goodbye to heavy traffic caused by slow drivers looking for parking.

It’s also the most environmentally friendly option as it reduces car emissions while saving gas and eliminating unnecessarily wasted paper.

The Park Indigo app is available on both the App Store and Google Play and can be used at hundreds of locations across Canada — including more than 100 in Calgary alone. It doesn’t matter where you are, its geolocation feature makes finding parking in any city a breeze!

The next time you have somewhere to be, whether it’s a work meeting, an important date, or even a Flames game, don’t let the nightmare of finding a parking spot hold you back. Using technology to secure parking is now becoming part of an everyday lifestyle — so get on it and never have to deal with the nightmare of finding parking again.

Find out more about Park Indigo here and download the app now.

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