Nutella doughnut milkshakes now in Australia

Dec 19 2017, 2:31 am

These Nuetella doughnut milkshakes are causing a lot of social media attention with over 4,000 likes on instagram. The milkshake is an amazing combination of 2 beautiful food items and its presentation is well… dangerously beautiful.

The cafe called Foodcraft espresso & bakery introduced this new food item and they are located in Sydney, Australia. So,you might have to travel to Australia but it’s probably worth it.

“We came up with the shake last week after trying to be creative in the kitchen,” Aki Daikos, Foodscraft Espresso & Bakery cafe owner, told Sydney’s Good Food site, “It just went mental with customers and on social media over the weekend.”

The $10 delicious treat comes in a giant glass Jar and the cafe appropriately calls it the Tella ball shake. The doughnut placed on the top of the decadent milkshake is filled with nuetella and the shake itself is three scoops of Nutella and vanilla bean ice-cream blended with ice.

One last thing, the Tella ball shake is also, technically, “off the menu” so if you know about it, you can order it, otherwise you will miss out on a magical treat.

DH Calgary StaffDH Calgary Staff

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