New York Times "Bob from Calgary" commenter is actually from Edmonton

Dec 19 2017, 10:55 am

Last week the New York Times revealed their most popular comment of all time was written by a Canadian, known only as “Bob from Calgary,” but nobody knew who this Bob was. Now, Robert J Summers has come forward as the author – except he’s not actually from Calgary.

“Sorry, I’m Bob from Calgary actually from Edmonton and not that interesting (not Batman),” Summers tweeted on New Year’s Day. “Also, sorry for the misrepresentation Calgary. I apologise for making people think a progressive lived in your city!

The well-known U.S. paper published insights into their comment section in November and revealed that the most popular comment ever written was by “Bob from Calgary” on a post about angry rich Americans who complain about modest tax increases.

Bob boasted about Canada’s public school system, lack of crime and violence, our universal health care, modern infrastructure, and generous maternity leave benefits, among other things, that make Canada a more free country than the United States.

He recently responded to the New York Times’ post that discussed his comment and their online moderation system, putting forth some Canadian-isms, including apologizing for his comment and wishing good luck to his American friends with the 2016 Presidential Election.

Read Bob’s response to his comment below:

I’m Bob from Calgary who is actually Bob from Edmonton (I was posting from Calgary). I’m surprised that the comment was so popular; also a bit embarrassed that I hadn’t taken better care to write it more eloquently & accurately.

I think that the comment becoming popular had nothing to do with any comparison between Canada & the USA, but rather it was because Americans are seeking the re-establishment of an economic system that benefits the middle classes, the poor, & the wealthy in an equitable way. They want to return to being a compassionate society. One where there are opportunities for all to succeed through hard work (the American Dream!).

Through the example of Canada, the comment demonstrated that this caring middle class oriented society is not just a relic of the 1960s or some radical socialist pipe dream, but a real option for America.

It challenges the right wing orthodoxy that low taxes on the rich, and small & ineffective government are necessary for prosperity.

I apologise for those offended by my comment. I love your country. I am proud, though, that Canada has resisted practices such as gerrymandering and the undue influence of corporations and the wealthy on democracy.

I hope that the presence of Trump & Carson motivate informed & progressive Americans everywhere to dedicate themselves to restoring an effective democracy to the USA. It has been hijacked for too long and the consequences are devastating.

Good luck in this my American friends!


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