This new Netflix horror series is so scary it's making people cry

Oct 18 2018, 10:28 pm

The Haunting of Hill House, Netflix’s latest venture into the horror genre, is apparently terrifying watchers so much that it’s making them nauseous and unable to sleep.

In short: It’s dark, it’s chilling, and it’s twisted how scary it is.

The series is a recreation of the late American horror and mystery writer Shirley Jackson, who pencilled a horrifying novel of the same name. It follows five siblings who grew up in one of America’s most infamous haunted houses.

The group reunites as adults after the suicide of their youngest sister. That means confronting their past, as well as some of the darkness that lived within the walls of their childhood home.

So just how scary is it, and what sets it apart from being just another jump-scare-heavy thriller?

Without giving too much away, the show has already received a ringing endorsement from master of horror Stephen King.

To receive a comment like that from a legendary author is nothing short of impressive. Especially when that writer is responsible for bone-chilling stories such as It, Misery, and The Shining.

Social media users have also been quick to share their praise for the 10-episode series. That, and tips for watching it without crying/screaming in fear/turning all the lights on in the house.

A fellow writer at Daily Hive agrees: “I almost cried and felt physically sick watching,” she said.

Fortunately, she’s managed to get through seven episodes without breaking down at the office — although, she has to take one to two-day breaks in between watching.

So what’s the final verdict on the Haunting of Hill House? You’ll have to watch for yourself, but it sounds like Netflix has released the perfect gem to get you in the Halloween-mood.

For now, here’s a trailer – and a reminder to keep the lights on when you watch.

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