Canadian politician dragged for Nanaimo bar gaffe (VIDEO)

Aug 31 2022, 10:21 pm

There are three layers that stack up to make a Nanaimo bar. You’ve got your graham cracker crumb base, a layer of custard buttercream, and a smooth glossy layer of dark chocolate.

You don’t use flour in this recipe.

However, it seems Ontario MP and Conservative leadership candidate Pierre Poilievre didn’t Google any recipes before he posted a video with an apparent supporter who claimed Nanaimo bars are getting too expensive to make in Nanaimo because of the rising cost of flour.

During his stop in the BC city where the bar originated, Poilievre spoke to a woman who brought him a treat she said she had made.

“It turns out that she makes the best Nanaimo bars not in Nanaimo but in the entire world,” he said.

The woman told him she had started making the signature BC treat during COVID.

However, she said she was not able to make as many anymore.

“I opened up a small roadside bake stand because I needed money to pay my kids’ school fees and sports fees. And I found that in times of COVID a lot of people, mainly seniors, were coming by just for a friendly face,” she explained.

“Unfortunately, I had a real setback in February this year. So I temporarily shut down my baking stand. And now that I wanted to reopen it six months later, the price of flour has doubled.”

She mentioned the cost of sugar and butter has also increased.

“It’s cost prohibitive for me to reopen,” she added.

Poilievre responded to the woman’s story by saying “wow” and used it as an example for why he will “stop creating cash, start creating more of what cash buys, get rid of the inflationary taxes so that we can have more of these love infused Nanaimo bars.”

Since posting this video to his Twitter Monday, hundreds have commented to point out there is no flour needed and “you don’t even bake them,” one person added in a tweet.

However, there are some folks that have come to the woman’s and politician’s defence since flour is needed if the baker is making her own graham crackers.

One Canadian bakery owner says at his shop, where they make graham cracker crumb from scratch, flour is required.

He also admitted seeing the price for flour rise significantly over a year.

“Flour accounts for roughly 1.93% of the ingredient cost in our recipe,” he said.

Butter, which accounts for about 33% of their Nanaimo bar’s ingredient cost, has also increased.

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Statistics Canada’s data for July showed that the price for groceries increased more on a year-over-year basis in July by over 9.9% than in June (+9.4%).

“Prices for bakery products (+13.6%) continued to rise at a faster pace as wheat prices remained elevated. Higher input costs and global supply uncertainty related to the Russian invasion of Ukraine continued to put upward pressure on global wheat prices amid an already constrained supply,” the Statistics Canada report reads.

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