Mr. T loves curling and other hilarious moments from the Olympics so far

Feb 15 2018, 8:30 am

There have been a lot of great moments so far in PyeongChang, but let’s take a second to appreciate the silly side of these historical and momentous sporting events.

Here are some of the funniest things that have happened at the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Mr T fell in love with curling

Mr. T Pities the fool who can’t appreciate a good game of curling.

The 1980s icon tweeted his excitement about his newfound love of the sport in a way that only he knows how.

And he didn’t stop at one tweet…

In case you weren’t sure how serious the former wrestler was about his dedication for his newfound favourite winter sport, he took a moment to argue his love of curling, and it makes a lot of sense.

The curlers proved to Mr T that it can, in fact, be dangerous

The mixed doubles curling bronze medal match was briefly interrupted by a Russian athlete who took a tumble.

Usually curling teams have spare players to sub in if anyone gets injured, but injuries in curling aren’t that common.

In mixed doubles, however, there are no extra players waiting at the ready on the bench.

The North Korean cheerleaders cheered

North Korea sent 229 cheerleaders to the Olympics, and their extreme synchronization and sweet tunes were noticeably hilarious.

They move so robotically that your eye almost starts searching the crowd to see if Will Smith is sneaking between the masses of cheerleaders, à la I, Robot, in the clip below.

They’re everywhere!

Shaun White pulled a Jose Bautista

Shaun White was celebrating his first run, and in his impassioned celebration, threw his helmet into the crowd, the way Bautista threw his bat when he hit that famous home run.

The thing is, White still needed to complete one more run to actually win the gold medal.

(It’s okay – he did.)

Team Canada women’s hockey team skated to the rink on roller skates

Check out this video of how the Canadian women’s hockey team is getting from the dressing room to the rink on little roller skate attachments.

The goalie even had the perfect theme song to go with the awkward expedition.

Lindsey Vonn looked for love

Skier Lindsey Vonn took to Twitter when she realized she didn’t have a valentine…

…and she got a ton of responses (almost 5,000 of them!)

And Olympians did tricks and goofed around

Behind the scenes of the high-pressure Olympic games, some athletes love to have a little bit of fun and not take life too seriously. Swiss Olympic skier Fabian Bösch shared some hilarious videos on his Instagram page of how he and his teammates let loose in PyeongChang.

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Here’s another golden one. This is video proof that Olympians always know exactly the right approach to make it to the top.

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