Movie Review: Minions will make the kids smile

Dec 19 2017, 2:27 am

We are officially at the mid point of the summer movie blockbuster season, and the Minions are looking to accidentally knock some dinosaurs off their perch.

The cute little yellow guys, who were made famous by Illumination Entertainment’s Despicable Me films, now have their own movie.

If you remember, at the end of Despicable Me 2, Stuart, Kevin and Bob, three of the Minions, were seen auditioning for the film. Well, now it is upon us and kids all over the globe will be sucked into the movie theatres for the prequel.

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Sure, on the surface all of this appears to be nothing more than an easy cash grab by Illumination Entertainment while we wait for a Despicable Me 3, which is slated for June 2017. Actually, there are plans for four Despicable Me films in total and one more Minions film in 2020. That is the plan, but subject to change.

Can you blame the powers that be for wanting to make bucket loads of money through film and merchandising agreements? The Minions are cute little creatures who just want to make us smile and steal cash from our wallets all at the same time. Banana.

Call us suckers but in this hot heat and days of hearing “I’m bored!” from kids who can’t seem to find entertainment through video games, TV, water guns, pools, playgrounds, neighborhood gangs, and making death defying bike ramps, us parents could use a movie that will at least give 90 minutes of serenity.

The Minions movie, which is directed by Pierre Coffin (same bloke who did the Despicable Me films) and includes the voices of Sandra Bullock, Jon Hamm, Micheal Keaton, Allison Janney, Steve Coogan, and Jennifer Saunders to name a few, is an hour and 30 minutes of site gags and jibber-jabber that will leave your kids smiling and some parents with melted brains.

To be fair, this film wasn’t made for “parents,” but for the kidlets that will be dragging you to see it. So I thought it would be good to bring my seven-year-old princess AKA: “Lil’ Reviewer” with me to the screening, to see firsthand if this film hits the mark with the target audience.

Image: Universal Pictures

The film is about how the Minions need an evil boss to attach themselves to. As time rolls by, they can’t seem to find “the one” due to the fact that they keep accidentally killing each boss off.

After finding a home in the Antarctic, the Minions are getting restless and bored, so they send Stuart, Kevin and Bob to find an evil master to save their species.

So where does one go to find this type of diabolical mind? Villian-Con in Orlando, Florida of course. This adventure takes place in 1968 before they ever meet Gru. But they do find the evil Scarlet Overkill (Bullock), who just so happens to be looking for some new henchmen.

Image: Universal Pictures

Without giving anything away, the Minions latch onto Scarlet and hilarity ensues as they make their way to London, England to steal the Queen’s crown.

Sandra Bullock does fantastic work as Scarlet but it’s her husband Herb Overkill, played by Jon Hamm, that steals the show. Hamm’s voice is not recognizable, or maybe I’m just too conditioned to Hamm’s Don Draper of Mad Men.

You’ll also recognize Michael Keaton as Walter Nelson, one part of the crazy Nelson family who gave the Minions a lift to Villian-Con.

Overall the voice acting was solid. It’s just when you have a film with protagonists who speak a variety of different languages that sounds like gibberish, the story relies a lot on slapstick humour. Although there are some funny parts for all ages, we the adults are the secondary audience, and the film is definitely targeted at the little ones.

If you were a fan of the Despicable Me films, you’ll like this cute little prequel. It does use 3D, but it’s not necessary to view it in that format. I really wish that films wouldn’t cheap out on the use of 3D. If you’re going to make the film for that format, go all out. Right now too many films are stealing money from audiences with the 3D gimmick.

Image: Universal Pictures

The story was simplistic and there was a nice cameo at the end. Stay for the credits as per usual, as Stuart, Kevin and Bob have a little fun.

That’s the key to this… fun. My daughter laughed her butt off so while I can be a snobby reviewer and find all kinds of holes in this film, it’s not meant to be reviewed in that manner.

Is it as good as Despicable Me? No, but it’s a fantastic family film that will provide you with some laughs and keep your child from saying, “I’m bored.”

Minions opens at a theatre near you today.

I give it 3 out of 5 raindrops but “Lil’ Reviewer” gives it a solid 5 raindrops and that’s all that matters. As usual she drew her drops for me.

3 Rain Drops

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