You can get high above Banff at Mount Norquay this summer

Jul 7 2018, 2:07 am

Living in Alberta means you’ve got to make the most of the short (but sweet) hot summer days.

Think about it; the incredibly-picturesque town of Banff and the surrounding resorts are just over an hour drive from Calgary and people literally travel the globe to visit these places. You have the option of visiting for just a day or staying for longer if you feel like it, and that dear friends, is a beautiful thing.

If you’re reading this this, you’ve got more than one reason to visit Mount Norquay, the closest mountain resort to Banff town. This includes the legendary Via Ferrata climbing routes. And you can even get a free shuttle from Banff town that will bring you right there.

You don’t have to take our word for it. These are some of the things that you can do at Mount Norquay this summer.

Embark on a Via Ferrata route

How many times in your life have you climbed along several breathtaking cliffs? Make it happen this summer at Mount Norquay and take on the two newest routes Via Ferrata (Italian for “iron road”) which take you higher on the cliffs above the mountain. You don’t need to have any experience because this bucket list adventure offers assisted climbing routes suitable for anyone over the age of 12.

Via Ferrata/Danevans

It’s the perfect mix of climbing and hiking in one. An ACMG certified guide will take you out in a small group on routes ranging from two and a half to six hours (you choose the level that suits you). Is this exhilarating experience worthwhile? You’ll adventure past viewpoints of Banff that are rarely seen, so yes, it absolutely is.

Sightseeing above the clouds

Fly above the clouds with Norquay’s famous, open-air North American Chairlift. It’s likely to triumph any chairlifts you’ve ever been on as you get to set your eyes on unforgettable, panoramic vistas of Banff at an elevation of almost 7,000 ft.

See signature peaks and viewpoints, and don’t forget to keep an eye out for wildlife moving in the corridors below you. Since there’s no age limit on having fun, this accessible experience is open to everyone. Please, please, please, do not forget your camera for this one!

Dine at the most idyllic après spot

Cliffhouse Bistro/Mount Norquay

There’s nothing quite like a meal with a view and the Cliffhouse Bistro is somewhere you get more than you anticipate. Located at 7,000 ft. high in the mountains, it’s got a European chalet vibe which offers jaw-dropping views of The Rockies. It was once a 1950s tea house, and Marilyn Monroe even visited back in 1953.

The tea house setting has transcended into the quaint, intimate bistro and its ambiance today. There are only 50 seats in the house and menu items are casual mountain dishes with flair. To make each bite taste even more dreamy than the views before you, food is all prepared fresh in-house. Visit after you do one of the Via Ferrata routes, or if you’re hiking or biking in the area.

To see why Mount Norquay could be your next stop for a day trip (or extended stay), visit the resort now. Check out Mount Norquay on Facebook and Instagram to see more game-changing photos.

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