Model Milk launches summery Southern BBQ Sunday suppers

Apr 20 2017, 6:23 pm

There is no better way to end your week than to sit around a table with family and friends while enjoying a delicious Sunday dinner. Having someone else take away the stress of preparing that big meal – now we’re talking!

For many years, Model Milk has offered their wildly popular Sunday Supper every week, serving a casual three course family-style meal instead of their regular menu. The meal incorporates a few appetizer plates, two meat proteins, multiple sides, and a sweet finish, all of which can be enjoyed in the comfortable atmosphere that Model Milk provides.

Now, the folks at Model Milk have put in a new BBQ. To break in their newest toy, they’ve decided to channel their inner pit boss.

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Enter Southern BBQ Sundays, a menu solely focused around saucy grilled meats with all the classic accompaniments – they have even broken out the disposable plastic tabletops and provide a handful of Wetnaps!

model milk bbq sunday supper

Deviled Eggs. (Aadil Fazal/Daily Hive)

On the menu for this Southern BBQ Sunday, start with devilled eggs and fried shrimp, with an Old Bay mayo. After a few bites, the real feast begins as plates of smoked beef brisket and BBQ pork ribs hit the table. Both proteins are smoked with a mixture of Apple & Cedar wood. The classic sides of macaroni and cheese, baked beans, coleslaw are a prefect compliment to the rich meat.

The entire meal is accompanied by a few barbecue sauce options offering a tangy Carolina mustard and rich and smokey Kansas City style sauce. The meal is finished with an apple crumble, which includes a hint cheddar cheese in the crumble – a Model Milk staple.

They have even found the perfect beverage compliment to this Southern feast, you can enjoy some Kentucky bourbon (Elijah Craig 12 Year) or a can of Olympia lager for just $5.

Southern BBQ Sundays will be running until September 3 and, while some of the dishes may change throughout the summer, the entire meal will stick true to the barbecue theme. This full family-style meal costs $40 a person and is sure to have you leaving the restaurant fully satisfied.

For more details and to confirm what’s on the menu this Sunday, check out the Model Milk website here.

Model Milk

Address: 308 17 Ave SW
Instagram: @modelmilk