A new medical imaging 'clinic of the future’ opens in Coventry Hills

Aug 30 2016, 7:42 pm

The new Mayfair Diagnostics clinic will be available for Calgarians in need of x-rays, ultrasounds, mammograms, and bone density testing.

The state of the art clinic was designed by patients, for patients, over a year-long ‘co-creation’ process with Mayfair. Patients revealed they sometimes feel fear, uncertainty or anxiety when visiting a medical imaging clinic.

The Coventry Hills will feature new and unique features to help reduce patient anxiety and create a more relaxing atmosphere. There will be a Clinic Host and Clinic Guide for patients, a Knowledge Bar and a Patient Lounge where you can get a herbal tea while you wait to go in.

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Image: Mayfair Diagnostics Clinic

Image: Mayfair Diagnostic Clinic / Edelman

Image: Mayfair Diagnostic Clinic

“We truly believe in our core that medical imaging is a service. While we are exceptional at getting the technical images that are required for our patients we are providing a service that should be equivalent to other services that patients are experiencing in other industries. Whether they’re going to the Four Seasons Hotel or whether or not they’re going to a an apple store – that’s the customer experience we wanted to create,”Jackie McAtee, Vice President Brand and Customer Experience at Mayfair told Daily Hive Calgary.

Patients will need a referral from a health care provider and all services provided at Mayfair Diagnostics’ Coventry Hills clinic are covered by Alberta Health Care. The new clinic can accommodate 180 patients per day and has a team of 57 specialized radiologists.

New features

  • A Clinic Host and Clinic Guide work together to ensure the patients’ arrival and entire clinic visit is seamless (similar to a host at a spa).
  • The Knowledge Bar is a private room place where patients can access free resources both in the clinic and online.
  • The Patient Lounge includes features such as Wi-Fi and charging stations, a refreshment station, and stress relief elements, such as dimmed lighting, soothing music and comfortable furniture and art.

Mayfair Diagnostics Clinic

Where: Coventry Hills Centre 457 – 130 Country Village Road NE