People on Reddit are calling the Lethbridge flag the “worst you’ll ever see”

Apr 27 2023, 5:23 pm

A Reddit post features a picture of the Lethbridge city flag, labelling it as “possibly the worst flag you will ever see in your life,” and now the post has created a stir online.

The Flag of Lethbridge was adopted in 1967, the year of Canada’s centennial, and it is based on the flag that was once flown at Fort Whoop-Up, according to the city’s website.

A Reddit post about the flag caused quite a debate, amassing more than 300 comments. Many people were confused, concerned or just flat-out unimpressed by the design.

“Just because you can design a flag in Excel doesn’t mean you should…,” wrote one user, while another quipped, “the flag designer wanted to make a flag that could only be sewn/drawn whilst NOT drunk. Look at all them straight lines all over that b*tch. Sobriety test: draw the town flag.”

Other comments that got us chuckling by users were “Let’s make an American flag, but crappy” or “THANK YOU for putting the spoiler on that so that I don’t have to look at that flag again. I really appreciate it. It’s an abomination. There are no excuses for it.”

“As an Albertan I was wondering why I’ve never seen this flag then I saw it and I figured out why” also perfectly sums up the vibes of the flag for many.

Lethbridge’s website states that artist Alex Johnston used a photograph of the flag that flew at Fort Whoop-Up in the late 19th century as the basis for his rendition of the modern city flag.

He also used some contemporary written descriptions. Contemporary views thought that it was the Stars & Stripes, this angered the Canadian government because they believed that the traders were deliberately flying the American flag.

Using this knowledge, Johnson knew that the flag was red, white and blue — the same colours as the American flag.

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