La Caravan's Fihi Ma Fihi to premiere at Theatre Junction Grand

Jun 9 2016, 12:19 am

La Caravan Dance Theatre will host the world premiere of Fihi Ma Fihi (It Is What It Is) Wednesday, June 8 until Saturday, June 11.

Fihi Ma Fihi is a new performance art piece based on the poetry of Rumi, the 13th-century Sufi mystic, Islamic scholar, jurist and theologian. His work of the same name is composed of 71 colloquial, parable-like lectures given to his disciples, written down by those he spoke to. His down-to-earth teachings and lack of sophisticated wordplay have made Rumi the best-selling poet in the United States, according to the BBC.

La Caravan’s interpretation of the Persian mystic’s work will be structured as a multidisciplinary dance-opera, featuring vocal experimentation, choreographed dance, and installation art. The show will also feature original compositions by Canadian composer Lia Pas, and concept and design work by artistic director and choreographer Maya Lewandowsky.

“Fihi Ma Fihi speaks to the poet, the questioner, the wonderer in all of us,” said Lewandowski. “Drawing on some of the most vivid, graceful text in history, and told through the story of song, artistry and movement, the existential creature in each of us will be drawn out, illuminated, tantalized and invigorated.”

Tickets are available now via La Caravan.

La Caravan’s Fihi Ma Fihi

When: Wednesday, June 8 to Saturday, June 11

Time: Show 7:30 pm every day, additional 2 pm show on Saturday

Where: Theatre Junction Grand – 601 1st Street SW

Price: $40 to $75

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