Kickstarter: Save Edith Macefield's "Up house"

Dec 19 2017, 2:32 am

OPAL Community Land Trust is trying to raise funds to save Edith Macefield’s “Up house” on Kickstarter.

OPAL Community Land Trust is a non-profit organization that provides permanently affordable housing. They made a proposal to move the house onto a barge and float (on sea instead of air) to beautiful Orcas Island, which has one of the highest affordability gaps in the State of Washington. The Kickstarter says it is either moving the house or it will be demolished and they need the public’s help.

It is this house who’s storyline closely parallels with the Disney Pixar movie Up.

Edith Macefield had a wish to remain in her home until she passed. She was reported to be quite the explorer and her house became famous when she had turned down $1 million dollars, which resulted in a mall and office being built around her home so that she could remain there.

Since, her passing in 2008 the house has remained vacant.

A public Balloon tribute is occurring at Edith’s house, where people are writing messages on balloons and then attaching them to the fence of the house.

If the Kickstarter pulls through, OPAL Community Land Trust promises that Edith’s house will always be protected and affordable to residents for generations.


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