Jeopardy screws up detail on answer to Bautista bat flip

Mar 17 2017, 5:42 am

If you’re like me, watching the TV show Jeopardy can be a bit of a demoralizing experience.

I get one of those “are the contestants that smart or am I just that dumb?” moments nearly every time I watch.

Even the host, Canadian Alex Trebek, has a know-it-all appearance that has been parodied beautifully over the years by Saturday Night Live.

It’s for those reasons that when the all mighty Jeopardy gets something wrong, it brings me joy.

Cue Wednesday night’s episode. Can you spot the error?

The iconic bat flip from Blue Jays outfielder Jose Bautista they’re referring to, of course, came on October 14, 2015 against the Texas Rangers, not in 2016.

So there you go!

For one day, just like Sean Connery, we got to outsmart Jeopardy.

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