January was one of the "gloomiest" in 7 years: The Weather Network

Feb 3 2020, 1:10 pm

If this past January felt particularly grey, drab, and even gloomy for you, there is one small source of comfort to be had: You’re not alone, and it wasn’t just you.

According to a new report from the Weather Network, last month was the cloudiest January many cities across the country have seen have seen in seven years.

“The gloomy weather has been real for many cities across Canada,” said Weather Network meteorologist Kelly Sonnenburg. “So gloomy in fact, that some cities just experienced their cloudiest January since at least 2013.”

Across the country


Statistically, “January is the cloudiest month on average and this also coincides with the wettest month on average, with approximately 168 mm of precipitation recorded for the month,” the report said.

According to the Weather Network, Vancouver had 90% of cloud coverage over January.


Although this January hasn’t been “unusually cloudy,” much of Calgary’s cloud in general “can either be blamed on Pacific lows moving into the west coast that allows moisture to spill over the Rockies, or easterly upsloping winds,” the report said.

As for the cloudy days, Calgary had 66% cloud coverage over January, said the Weather Network.


The “second wettest January on record for Toronto… directly links to the unusually cloudy January,” the report said. “Southern Ontario was targeted by more of an active storm track bringing in rounds of weekend snow and rain, which contributed to the lack of sunshine overall.”

And it was definitely cloudy, as the Weather Network reports the city had 81% cloud coverage over the month.

The Weather Network

Here’s hoping February brings some sunshine across the country.

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